Monday, October 15, 2012

Twirling round and round

Let me give you a picture on how I choose my outfit. I usually decide my outfit at night so that I don't have to rack my brain in the morning. In my opinion, dressing up is not a talent you were born with or a skill that you can learn. It's always trial and error. Of course there are fashion schools and fashion courses to take but even the professionals and the experts don't get to come up with a fabulous outfit at one go. Sometimes you get lucky and come up with a perfect look but there are days when you've exhausted all the contents of your closet but nothing seems to do it. So it may look wrong now, but it you can always make it work tomorrow! 
What I usually do is pick one article of clothing and work from there. For this outfit, I started first with the skirt. After finding the canvas for my look, I then decided how I want to dress it up - do I want to go all girly-girl or toughen it up or dress it casually? It's actually amazing how one piece can produce different looks! Since the skirt was chiffon, I've figured there's no other way to go than dress it up in the sweetest way! 
Top - Just G. 
 Skirt - Cache Cache 
 Blue bracelet - Apostrophe || Eiffel earrings and charm bracelet - Gift
The skirt is absolutely pretty it made me want to keep on twirling around! 

Love, Paola xx

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