Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Story, A Theory and A Not-So-Witty Opinion

No, this is not going to be a serious, witty, lawful post about the Cyber Crime Law. It's just that it has caused so much clamour that I thought that it would be worth a few words (or maybe more). I have a little theory on why it has been a big issue to many, particularly to our generation. I think it's because this cyber crime law involves the internet aka faux, artificial, second life. Although I haven't read it yet, I know for a fact that social networking sites are greatly affected by this law. In a way, social networking sites have been a facade of what we really are today. It lets us change ourselves in so many ways. First there was Friendster then Multiply, My Space, Plurk, Twitter. And of course there's Facebook wherein you have what you technically call friends when you accept their friend requests, but it's not really possible to be friends with all 1348 of them. 

A professor told us once that she met one blogger before and was disappointed. She goes "Ayan ka na? That's it?" referring to her personality. Then she told us to make sure that how we are online should match how we are in real life. It's so easy to create a big, outgoing, likeable personality when you're behind the computer screen but is it that simple to do it in person too? 

I'm not saying that all the social networking sites contain fake, bogus people. It has ultimately been a great help to all of us in so many ways that I can't imagine not being part of it. But the truth is, these social networking sites help us present ourselves in the most ideal manner possible - all flaws, weaknesses and imperfections aside. The internet has become a safe hiding place for us since it lets us re create our individuality.We have developed an improved and flawless version of ourselves online. 

Personally, I can very much relate to my theory. It's so much easier for me to publicly create these oh-so lengthy paragraphs than say a sentence or two to people I'm not close to. I willingly pose for all my outfit shots with confidence but in reality there are times when I can be really awkward. It's struggle to match them but I'm trying. But you can't know that through reading my blog, or through Facebook or Twitter. After all, what people know about us are based only on what we let them see. Sometimes, we think we've seen all that there is to see but it's all merely just a front - only just the first level of who the person really is. I don't necessarily see it as a bad thing. If not, it's more of a challenge to all of us to always stay true to ourselves

How about you?

Love, Paola

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