Sunday, October 21, 2012

Little Black Dresses

One of the things I love the most is getting all dolled up - wearing fancy clothes, getting all made up and slipping into towering heels. That's why one thing I'll really miss is attending debuts. I guess it all started when I was a child, attending weddings and being a flower girl. Although I do not remember most of it, I was a flower girls to so many weddings back then. We have one album full  that documented it. Come to think it, I was probably the young counter part of Katherine Heigl in her movie, 27 Dresses. Now that the flower girl era is over, the 18 candles/18 treasures participant has taken over. But sad to say it's ending too since almost all of my friends have turned 18 already. 

Dressing up for debuts is an all together entertaining experience with just a little amount of stress. I always make sure to dress properly, keeping in mind each debutant's unique theme without sacrificing my own style preference. On instances where in the theme is pretty flexible (when the debutant just lets us wear what we want, hooray for this!), I always lean into dresses with dark colors - specifically LBDs. Black has always been my favorite color in terms of clothing pieces - both casual and formal. It is universally flattering to all body types and it never fails to exude a hint of elegance and class. Who wouldn't want that, right? With that, here's a back to back post on LBD's:

The first one I wore to a debut full of school spirit, with a lot of light and harmless bashing to La Salle since the debutant is an Atenean (Animo all the way! Haha) and the second, I wore to a debut right after a big typhoon and also the very first debut I attended where I did my own hair and make up! That's a record, right there!

Dress - 
Clutch - Espirit
Gold Choker - Mia casa
Pumps - Zara
Dress - Mamgo
Belt - The Ramp || Bangles and Ring - Aldo 
 Bag - Rustan's
Chandelier earrings - Accessorize
Heels - Aldo

Thank you to the two debutants, Miya and Tricia! 

Love, Paola xx

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