Sunday, July 8, 2012

Panda on My Finger

I have a weird obsession for pandas. In my opinion, they are the cutest creatures on earth. On my free time, I like to google panda images and squeal to myself in delight. I once read a story about a panda in China who experienced an earthquake. The next day, when rescuers came to the zoo, the panda hugged the legs of one rescuer tightly and won't let go because she was so scared! How cute is that?!?!?!?! Anyway, the day my new pretty starfish ring broke, a cuter, prettier panda ring presented itself to me! It's definitely my favorite accessory now! I love it so much that I almost don't use it all cause I don't want it to get scratched. HAHA! And since it's the most adorable thing you'll probably ever lay your eyes on, I decided to let it shine for this outfit. Zero accessories! Just a little black dress, ankle boots, my panda and me! 

It's quite refreshing to have no accessories on me at all. No clinking and clanking sound, no restraints when moving. Back then, accessories we're only found in costume chests and dresses were the big players in the market! This is my uniform when I was young, just a straight, simple dress and I was good to go!
 Dress - Chocolate Clothing
Panda ring - Accessorize 

Panda keychain - from Hong Kong
 Boots - Forever 21

Love, Paola <3

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