Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's Windy Out There

Tucked in bed drinking hot chocolate while savoring a good book is one of the most comforting thoughts ever especially on weather like this. Although right now, I'm actually sitting typing random words, waiting for inspiration to hit me, eager to get back to my book and say goodbye to reality for a few hours. Oh, and without the hot chocolate. Classes are suspended and I know it would be too much to wish that they get suspended again tomorrow. But deep down, I know you all like that as well. Anyway, now that rainy days has taken over the very hot Philippines, dressing up needs to be done more casually, comfortably and weather friendly. Just a simple carefree outfit. In this what this outfit's all about! Although my fancy looking belt might suggest otherwise. But underneath, it's just leggings, a sheer top, comfortable flats, less accessories and a cardigan hidden safe in my bag.  

Top - Details || Leggings - Bayo
Belt - The Ramp
Flower cuff - Thrifted || Charm bracelet - Gift 
Blue bracelet - from Malaysia || Ring - H&M

Flats - Lynn

Love, Paola <3

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  1. great shirt and sandals!!