Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In A Log Cabin

I’ve had this white pants ever since I was in grade 5. Not too sure if I should be happy that it still fits me after eight years or be sad that it sill fits me since I was a chubby little kid back then. But in the end, I figured I’m happy it still fits since I’ll be able to play around and recreate more looks with it! Since it was high waist, a very popular trend in the 90’s but not so much today, I decided to downplay its high waist effect by choosing a top that falls just below the waist. And since it’s it falls between being skinny and wide legged, a 90’s trend as well, I rolled it up just a bit to make it more modern. So I welcome my tacky 90’s pants in the 21st century by turning it into a cropped pants!

And since it's white, I played with colors by using a very bright laced top and a colorful necklace! To just add a little more drama, I wore my wedges even though it's a risky choice during rainy season and I ended up walking twice slower than my usual pace since it would be so embarrassing to slip on mud puddles while wearing clean white pants. :))
Laced top - Forever 21 || White pants - Guess
Necklace - Iora

Bangles and orange ring - H&M || Flower ring - Forever 21
Wedges - Charles and Keith

Love, Paola <3

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