Thursday, December 19, 2013

Adios, Sayonara, Au revoir!

It's official! My last term in DLSU is going to end this week! Though technically I was done with this term the moment we submitted revised thesis paper but seeing all the Facebook status of my school mates makes it more official this week. It's still not sinking in that I'm actually done with school - as in legit, adios-sayonara-goodbye-kind-of-done. During our thesis defense, I was actually putting more pressure on myself since I kept thinking that my academic life, all 15 years of it, boils down to that day. And although the total score was short of 0.04 for our thesis to be nominated which was our goal since (ughhh it stil hurts huhuhu and let's just not talk about the panel's individual scores), I'm still thankful and grateful that we did it and now, we're done with it. One of my consistent complains all through out my college life was working in a group with slackers and freeloaders (I hate those the most) but I consider myself lucky to have worked with my thesismates! :) 

What's a bunch of selfies doing here, you ask? Well, this was taken after I had my graduation photoshoot. My friends and I are a year late and we will be put in a different yearbook from our batchmates all because we were so lazy to do the requirements the year before. I love that I have friends who understand me. Anywaaay, I loved the graduation photoshoot! It was the first time I wore a black toga and though this may seem a little dramatic, I feel like it gave me the motivation to do my best for our thesis as my last tribute to my entire academic life. I am a drama queen afterall. I plan on posting my graduation photo come January since I don't wanna jinx anything although everything's official already. PICC and my diploma, see you in February 8, 2014!!!

Just like what one of our panelist said, "Now the hard part is getting a job." ;)

Love, Paola xx

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