Saturday, March 30, 2013

HK Day 1: Hong Kong Disneyland

Welcome to the happiest place on earth! The last time I was here was just 3 years ago but I was still excited as ever! Disneyland never fails to bring out the kid in me and it's such a familiar place to be in since I basically grew up with these characters! Compared to other theme parks, the rides may not be as exciting since it's mostly for kids, but the thrill comes from the whole experience. Once you step in, you feel like you're instantly part of a Walt Disney movie where everything's bound to end with a "happily ever after"! This is a pretty loaded post since I had a hard time choosing pictures to post. And just by looking at all of it brings me to a happy place again! :)

We had the exact same picture 3 years ago!
We spent this trip together with my cousin, ninong and ninang! :)
There it is!!! :)
Upon entering, we headed straight for snacks! I got to try the Minnie Mouse popsicle and although it's just Nestle and there's nothing different with the taste, it becomes special when it's Minnie shaped! Haha 
Mickey waffles!
Pretty Mickey and Friends glass figurines!
Disneyland's center! Cinderella's castle. 
 After our snacks we headed straight to Adventureland to see the Festival of the Lion King!
It's my second time seeing this production but I don't think I'll ever tire seeing it! It's amazing!
 After the show, we went to Grizzly Gulch. It's a new addition and I've read about the roller coaster in it, that's why I forced my dad to take it with me. I love this!!! No crazy loops! It just goes really, really fast and mostly backwards!
If I'd describe Grizzly Gulch in two words it would be: Howdy Y'all?
Tarzan's tree house!
We rode this boat ride that takes you around the tree house and this ride got me so paranoid since there's water coming out from everywhere! Haha The elephant looks real, right?
Went to Tomorrowland to have some lunch!
After lunch, we went straight for the parade area. Disneyland's Parade is something that you simply can't miss! It was super hot that day and it took quite a while for the parade to start. This picture was taken when I saw Mickey from afar right before the parade started!
 The crowd and their umbrellas.
 Yay, it's starting!
I love this photo! Minnie's dress is gorgeous!
I still get shock everytime I'm reminded that Pooh is part of Disney!
The most emo cartoon character in history! Haha even when he's dancing he looks sad.

My favorite!!!! The Disney princesses float! These re the characters most close to heart since I had a Disney princess book collection way before I learned how to read. It may seem silly, but I really do believe in happily ever afters!
Cinderella and Belle are my favorite princesses! 
Aurora :)
Lion King Float!
Not every familiar with these characters.
The very giddy Tinkerbell!
This looks fun!
The parade ends with Toy Story's float. The parade actually got shorter, I remember before, Ariel even had her own float along with her underwater friends. Nevertheless, it's still a Disney girl's dream come true to see all the characters come to life happily dancing and waiving at you in one parade!
We rested just for a bit since the heat was crazy then my dad and I went to ride my favorite ride of all time! The thing I like most abut this ride is that you actually enjoy the roller coaster ride more than you are afraid of it without losing the adrenaline rush! 
A ride suggested by my cousin! Definitely the most adorable ride ever!
 It's a indoor boat ride that literally takes you around the world!
Lady Liberty!
I enjoyed seeing Asia the most, well, because I'm Asian. Haha. Korea and Japan right here!
 Philippines represent! Can you see our Tarsier?
 China's fat panda with long, red eyelashes!
It was a long boat ride and at the end is a compilation of all the nations in pretty pastels!
Goodbye in different languages! Paalam got included!
We were all so tired already by this time but we really wanted to see Toy Story Land since it wasn't there before. It was a long walk and it's kind of secluded!
Basically, the idea of this area was for everyone to feel like toys hence everything is gigantic!
Our last ride was the Parachute drop where it takes you high and drops you many times. Right in front of us was this cute little girl! She was so adorable! She was scared and enjoying the ride at the same time.
Disneyland at night! Still magical!
And of course before ending the day, my mom and I just had to do our signature theme park pose! :)

Hope this post took you to a happy place! :)

Love, Paola xx

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