Friday, March 29, 2013

HK Outfit: Happiest Place On Earth

AND I'M BACK! I can't count anymore how many times I started a blog post with that statement for the past 1 and a half year that I have this blog. It's like a cycle where I enjoy the whole outfit post thing and then life gets in the way and I lose my interest for it and then realize that I miss it and start again. Hopefully, this would be the last start to that cycle since I plan on really owning this blog and making it sort of a public diary. With that said, it would now include not only my outfit posts but also ramblings and random posts that interests me enough to write about it. 

I'm so happy to be starting this cycle with our recently concluded HK trip! It's only my second time in the country but I've always loved it because it's the closest place we could go to for a colder weather! In my iPhone is an album full of winter/fall outfits that I've always wanted to wear. That's why even though it's almost summer in Hong Kong as well, I took the chance to dress up and play around with tights and layers!  

We spent our first day in Disneyland! Straight from the airport, we headed to the happiest place on earth right away. We didn't have time to change that's why I chose an outfit that's airport and amusement park friendly. Since I would be passing by many sensors and riding different rides, I wore zero accessories except for a charm bracelet and my quirky cat ears hat! 
Say hello to my first eBay purchase! I usually don't purchase from the net, specially from an international store but I love this hat so much when I first saw it on a photo that's why I looked everywhere for it and that's how I ended up on eBay! Haha
Skirt - Guess || Cardigan - Promod 
Belt - For Me || Personalized charm bracelet - Cubes || Watch - Swatch
Bag - Longchamp
Loafers - Topshop
Another purchase out of pure hard work! I was looking for black velvet loafers for the longest time and I've searched every shoe store that I know. I did find one from one brand but sadly they weren't for sale anymore and was now just for display. But like what they say, seek and you shall find. Although I wanted a plain one, the studs create impact!  

Posting about Disneyland up next! :) 

Love, Paola xx

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