Tuesday, April 2, 2013

HK Outfit: The Girl In The Fur Scarf

Does my title seem familiar? Confessions of a Shopaholic movie, anyone? :) It was the title of Becca's column in the magazine, only hers was The Girl In The Green Scarf! 

If a genie suddenly appears before me and asks me to give him three wishes to grant, "a cooler weather for my country pretty please" would probably be one of the things I'm bound to say. Then that would give us girls the chance to dress up in fur scarves all the time! Such a shallow wish for a rare opportunity, you say? But at least it's a selfless wish that benefits us all! Haha! Anyway... Our second day in Hong Kong was spent in Ocean Park. It wasn't really cold that day and I would do perfectly fine without my pink fur, matching blue tights and denim jacket. But I seriously cannot resist since they were all destined to be worn together!

It's still one of my life goals to actually last a whole day in heels but since I'm still far from that, right after taking these photos I changed into Toms. I was feeling tacky the whole time thinking that it doesn't match at all, but I know that my feet were thankful for that decision!
Shirt - Zara || Fur scarf - gift
Thank you for the scarf tita Joanna! :) 
Denim jacket - Espirit  
Skirt - H&M || Leggings - Debenhams
I love this skirt so much that after 4 months of buying it, this was the first time I used it! I have the tendency of keeping new clothes in my closet for so long until I find a special occasion to wear them! 
Mehe, my pose here. I can imagine my friends mocking me and saying "feel na feel" :)) 
Boots - Forever 21

Ocean Park post up next! This was such a special day since I was finally able to put a check mark on one of my all time wishes: TO FINALLY SEE PANDAS IN PERSOOOOOON!

Love, Paola xx

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