Monday, September 17, 2012

What's in my school bag?

Bag - Accessorize || Panda notebook - Gift || Binder - Muji || Post its - Fully Booked || Notepads - Powerbooks || Pencil case - Saizen || Sci Cal - Sharp 

Second term has officially started for trimestral universities like ours. Last week was the first two days of term two but it was mostly just an introduction to the subjects and to our professors. So technically, today's the day we get down to business (although not for me since 2 of my subjects are free cut). Having met all my professors, I think that this term would be fairly better than last term's too demanding minor subjects. Every term, I increase the number of major subjects I take and I cannot be anymore happier knowing that I'm almost done with my minor subjects. Majors are more fun and way more interesting and I get to really practice and hone my marketing skills through the countless reportings and marketing plans we make. Anyway, just for a change, here's a blog post on the basic school necessities that help me survive every term. 

  1. A trusty bag and a bag organizer - I just recently bought my very first rucksack and everybody keeps on saying that they're not used to seeing me carrying one. I've never been the backpack kind of girl, I always felt like it was too boyish for me, but there has been a surge in the use of rucksack today and I could not resist diving into the trend especially when it involves dainty prints like this one. Then I have my bag organizer which is such a life saver since prior to using it, I spend a minimum of  10 minutes when I need to locate things in my bag. It keeps my not-so-organized stuff organized. 
  2. Notebooks - I honestly just use my Muji binder in school but I just added my cute panda notebook for good measure (and for a cuter effect too). I like this binder since carrying around different notebooks or fillers for a every subject is such a hassle. I put all my notes in this binder and use a separator for every subject. It's refillable too, so I don't have to change every term. So convenient!
  3. Pencil case, USB and highlighter - My friends and I pass around our USB's to each other and load it with series and movies to watch. My USB's are so controversial to them. A USB is supposed to be just a simple rectangle drive, but my USB's have to be shaped like a panda and a truck and sometimes I even bring the rabbit and the hammer too. They have dual purpose, sometimes when I get bored in class, they act as instant toys to me! Haha! I thank my dad for my quirky school stuff like the USB's and the highlighters that boggle the mind of my friends. 
  4. Various post-it's, notepad and checklists - I have a drawer full of Paris and panda notebooks and other writing materials. These post-it's, for example, I have them for 2 years now. I rarely use them, I just really like to stare at them most of the time. Haha! Having cutesy stuff act as a motivation in studying! 
I'm ready second term!!! 
Love, Paola <3 i="i">

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