Friday, September 21, 2012

What makes YOU memorable?

Today I had a casual interview for an org. Everything was going okay, really. My panicky and tensed self answered each question well enough to move to the next one. Then I got thrown off by a particular question that they asked, "What would makes us remember you?". It got me thinking, what's really memorable about me? Something that's entirely my own, a unique aesthetic that other people cannot claim. Out of pressure, I guess I just blurted out a mediocre answer, one that I'm sure is not something memorable at all. 

That interview and a few other things this past week got me questioning myself. On the way home, I was thinking hard of a particular aspect of my personality or a talent or skill or part of my character that would represent myself. I love writing, but everyone can write and it's not like I won a Pulitzer Prize on a particular work I've done before. I'd like to think I'm a good student but I was not some genius who dominated quiz bees. I can sing, but not professionally, most of the time just leisurely in the confines of our home. I don't have a sport I'm good at (this I actually don't mind). I have this blog, but with the frequency of my blog updates, I don't think it's even qualified. On a quirkier side, My friends say that whenever they see anything panda or Paris, they think instantly of me. But is my love for pandas and Paris noteworthy enough? Not that I'm beating myself up, really. Just genuine curiosity

Out of all the times I spent reading and watching Taylor Swift's interviews, there's this one particular line that she said that struck me so much I don't think I'll forget it in my whole lifetime: "I'm intimidated by the fear of being average". A close friend told me once that there's nothing wrong with being average. And I do agree. Average is fine, average is okay. But sometimes we want to be more than fine and more than okay. Sometimes we want to be special enough or have something that's significant enough within us to makes us memorable

If given another chance, I could now come up with a few better answers, not entirely unique, just something not said out of pressure. But that's the thing though, most of the time we do not get a second chance. So the best remedy would be to learn from it and be better on the next opportunity - although it's not much of a remedy, it's the only logical way to approach it. Coincidentally, I'm reading The Perks of Being A Wallflower (only because my friends won't let me come to the movie date if I haven't finished it. I have nice friends, you see HAHA) and although Charlie's character is not that appealing to me, in a way I can relate to his shy, reserved, introverted personality. I do hope that I do not possess his stand out habit, observing life rather than participating in it. But hey, at least being a wallflower makes him remarkable enough to sell 700  000+ book copies in one year. 

How about you? What makes you memorable? 

Love, Paola <3>

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