Monday, September 10, 2012

The Lazy Vibe

One of the best luxury in life is getting to sleep in, lie down in bed all day with a good book at your side table that you can grab anytime. And although that luxury has just started, it's already about to come to an end since it's back to school this Wednesday. Well, I'm so grateful so to have term one over and done with that I don't care if we have school the next day! So this two-day term break is definitely a luxury for me! 

Since I started with a lazy, luxurious vibe, I'm pairing it with an equally lazy outfit. Lazy doesn't have to be boring though. Just a few details here and there and no one would ever guess your laziness to dress up. I wore this outfit a while back, during one of the long weekends in Manila when traffic was so smooth and people are lounging around in parks like this one! 

I was going for a carefree vibe so I built my outfit around this effortless dress. I threw on a vest for a little layering and finished off with a playful necklace and an arm party just to put some happy colors on me! Comfortable and chill can also become fun and interesting! :)
Dress - F&X || Vest - Just G.
Necklace - Tops
Purple bracelet - from Bohol || Beaded bangle - Forever 21 || Ring - Swatch

Love, Paola <3 nbsp="nbsp">

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  1. you look so pretty!! very chic dress and vest!! love your necklace too!!