Thursday, September 15, 2011

September 15, 2011

So today, I decided to create a new blog site. After having a blogger's block for almost 4 years, I decided to blog again. I miss the feeling of expressing myself and venting out everything that I have in mind. This blog shall contain my most random to most special thoughts.

It actually took me a long time designing and finalizing my page. I used to have a an old blogspot account, which is taking me forever to find. But that blog contained mostly high school dramas. But I said goodbye to dramas just after I said goodbye to High School. I'd like to fill this blog with only happy, inspiring thoughts. So that whenever I would look back and read it, it would only remind me of the good stuff.

So anyway, I need to say goodnight for now. My dad's asking me to sleep already since we'd be leaving very early for school tomorrow. Good night! <3

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