Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bad Hair and a Good Outfit

This set of outfit photos are officially my last from our US trip last February. Very fitting since today, it's exactly a month since we were back in Manila (plus its throwback Thursday too!). Funny how it all seems not too long ago but also seems like everything was a while back! I miss my clingy cousins already :( Didn't think it was possible to get this attached in just a span of two weeks. But enough of the drama, I plan on saving that on my next post! Haha! Anyway, this was taken right before we fly back to LA. I was having a major bad hair day so I made up for it with my outfit. This was pretty dressy for a plain ride but once I made up my mind on a particular outfit, I just have to wear it (I have no other options too, since we packed just enough clothes for San Francisco). I love all the elements present here - the patterned sheer midi skirt, the brocade printed top and the stripes belt. All are individually busy pieces already but just seems to go so well with each other! 

Love, Paola

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