Saturday, May 2, 2015

Himeji Castle

Reviving this blog with some fun posts lined up ahead. I spent a day back reading old posts and to my amusement, this blog contains a lot more memories than I would've expected that's why I've decided to fill it up with much more. Just a few weeks back, we went to a one week stay in my favorite country, Japan, but this time we explored Osaka and its neighboring prefectures. The most ironic thing when I travel is that I super enjoy public transportation! It's amazing how everything is so efficient. Starting this series with our trip to Himeji Castle. 
Perfect weather greeted us right outside the station!
First #ootd of the day! I super love dressing up for cold weather!
It was quite a long walk from the station to the castle, but these pretty streets were worth it.
Himeji Castle from a distance.
Right before entering the castle, we saw this adorable couple posing for the tourists.
On the way up to the castle are these Cherry Blossom trees, unfortunately they still haven't blossomed yet :(  
We decided not to go inside the castle anymore, as the line was a little long and the castle garden was nice enough for our entertainment. 
Of course, my mom and I just had to do our signature pose!
Right after touring the castle grounds, we went around to scout for a good place to eat and we stumbled upon some colorful food carts where I had my first ever taste of authentic takoyaki and tamago!
What I love about the Japan is that they never skimp on colors. Even just food stalls like these are so happy to look at.
After lunch, we walked through Honmachi Street for some window shopping.
Japanese pedestrians are always very organized.
On our way back, right outside the train station, we saw these dogs for the disabled. When I was young, I've always wanted a poodle like this because Barbie had the same one! Haha 
When we got back to Osaka, we went straight to Yodabashi. It's one big building full of all gadgets you could think of - cameras, laptop, phones, tablet, watches, it's all there! It's where I finally bought my own baby SLR! I'm so happy with it!
Ended the night with some authentic Tempura and noodles, the first of many in this trip. 

Love, Paola 

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