Monday, May 27, 2013

Farewell Intern Duties, Hello Studies

Today I started my last academic term and entered the last school year of my life. Last Friday, I officially ended my first ever internship. I'm glad to finally be able to put something under "Work Experience" on my CV. Hoping that at least that gives me an edge when I graduate. As much as I am happy to be back into regular programming as a student, I'll definitely miss introducing myself as "Paola, Aranaz's intern". For a while, it did give me a sense of responsibility that you can only get from working. And what I like most about my job is not only am I office based, but an all around intern! From doing inventory, to drafting blogposts , to visiting the stores for pull outs, to assisting events - I experienced all of it! I compiled a few highlights of my whole summer: 

 Assisting at Style Origins and having my first ever backstage experience! I've always wondered whether the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show or the final fashion show of every ANTM season was realistically that chaotic or was all for show. My experience was a combination of stress (since I have to dress and undress the models of our bags and accessories) and excitement!!! I was dead tored by the end of that day but it was all so worth it!
Doing pull outs and deliveries! Walking around Greenbelt and Rockwell carrying 4-5 huge paper bags made me feel like Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada but without Stanley Tucci to give me a full body makeover and Erica Dasher of Jane by Design but without the bright orange Birkin! I felt like I just stepped right out of a chick flick and I would've rocked those paper bags better if there was a cute, girly soundtrack playing as I walk an try not to drop the bags. Haha sorry over active imagination right here!
Office work! I've always thought of myself working in a corporate setting since both of my parents has that kind of job. Although I found myself choosing pullouts and events over office work on most days, this where I learned the most. I participated in an event planning, formulated marketing strategies, did research and inventory!  
MEETING SARAH JESSICA PARKER! Oh my gosh don't get me started on this, I might never stop and just end this post with a bunch of exclamation points. I've been a BIIIIIG fan of hers for a while already, in fact I even have a folder in my laptop that's full of her outfits! Case in point, I've observed she has this yellow pointed pumps that she always wears! Seeing her in real life was surreal! She even talked to me and said, "come join us" referring to the picture taking! She is so down to earth and looks so much younger in person!
 My 10-second claim to fame! I've been told that this picture appeared in Bandila! Too bad I don't watch the news hahaha
Office selfie! One more thing I like about my job is that we have no dress code! Sometimes I'd come in all dressed up but there are also lazy days when I'd just be in denim shorts! It was a place where self expression was admired and encouraged!
 Aranaz's instagram post! Flattered with their caption! :) Forgive the ridiculous lip stamp though, my smile was a little awkward and this was the only solution I could think of! Haha 
Parting gift! They were sweet enough to even give me an Aranaz clutch! :) Working with them has been a pleasure and I have nothing but good words to say about their entire family! 

They're now looking for interns so if you're interested, email them at 
You're in for fun, learning experience! :)

Student Mode: ON

Love, Paola xx

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