Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Galactic Paradise

Classes are suspended yet again. I have a love-hate relationship with classes suspension, love cause what kind of student doesn't love cancelled classes and hate cause after 5 minutes of being at home, I'm bored already and I start to wish that I'm in school instead. The gloomy weather of this past weeks translate to my school outfit which is mostly skirt/leggings, tank top and cardigan combo. I'm forgoing fancy shoes for my reliable Toms and only wearing the necessary accessory which is my watch and earrings. If I wake up a little earlier, I might throw on a necklace or stack up on big bangles which my professors never fail to notice. And whenever my time gets a little cramped up, blogging is always the first one to go on my checklist. But I love it too much to deactivate it yet so I shall shower it with random posts of my ramblings about this and that to keep it alive!

 Although lazy dressing is becoming my everyday peg, I try to keep atleast one piece of clothing item interesting. No need to guess what's interesting for this outfit! My galaxy printed leggings are like eye magnets, I see people staring at it even from a far. It also merited a few compliments that day. And though I'm sure it would look good with another colorful/printed top, my choice was to stay safe with a white button and a few accessories in the same color tones.
White polo - Mango || Leggings - Topshop || Bag - Lacoste
Necklace - Market! Market!

Silver bangle - Aldo || Crystal flower bangle - thrifted || Silver flower bangle - old 

Love, Paola <3>

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